Wild Bandito PNG SLOT slot game review by the major game developer PG SLOT is a game with a western area and gunfights theme.

The game’s protagonist is a skull shooter who lives by robbing people near the Mexican border. Drinking cool beverages while listening to upbeat music creates a pleasant environment conducive to continued gaming, with earnings exceeding all expectations.

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The overall idea of the game is a 5-reel, 4-row slot with 1,024 chances to win and a free fall mechanism. When a sign is granted, it is destroyed before the symbol above it may be placed. This allows you to win many combinations simply clicking the spin button and placing a single wager. With a specific multiplier rate applied each time a winning combination is produced, the game’s top reward can be worth up to 25,000 times the wager.

Wild Bandito generic award symbol

There are nine standard Wild Bandito reward icons. If three or more identical symbols appear from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel, the rewards are determined by the symbol payouts. Following are the payment rates for each of the following prize symbols:

skull gunner symbol There is a 50-fold maximum payout rate.

There is a maximum payout rate of 40 times for the guitar icon.

drink glass symbol There is a 30-time maximum payout rate.

There is a maximum payout rate of 15 times for the maraca icon.

The highest payout for the letter A is twelve times.

The letter K has a maximum payout of 12 times its value.

The letter Q has a tenfold maximum reward.

The letter J has a maximum payout rate of six times.

Maximum payoff for the number 10 symbol is sixfold.

It can be noticed that the game’s prize symbols are separated into two groups, one of which consists of high-paying picture symbols. and card symbols with less lucrative payouts This cluster of symbols will also alter the game’s unique features.

Wild Bandito PG slot machine unique symbols

The slot machine game Wild Bandito contains two unique symbols that may be used to help you win. and symbols utilized to activate the game’s additional extra features. Following are specifics about each unique symbol.

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Wild symbol

The Wild symbol in the Wild Bandito DEMO slot game is a pair of weapons with the word “WILD” showing exclusively on reels 2-4. It is capable of substituting for all standard reward symbols. However, it cannot replace for more than one Scatter Symbol, and the Wild Symbol also facilitates the game’s bonus features.

Scatter symbol

The Wild Bandito video game contains three “SCATTER”-labeled skull scatter symbols. Whether or not aligned by payline There will be a total of 12 free spins bonus features activated, and if more than 3 scatter symbols appear, 2 more free spins will be awarded for each additional symbol.

Features Unique to the Wild Bandito Slot Game

There will be a total of three sorts of bonus features in this Wild Bandito slot game, each of which will be unlocked if the free fall mechanism is triggered. And characteristics that constitute the game’s major reward bonus as well. The following are specifics for each feature.

Gold-Framed Symbol Characteristic

All game types permit use of the Gold Framed Symbol feature. Some symbols on reels 2 to 4 will be framed in gold at random. If the symbol wins after the free fall system has concluded, it immediately transforms into a Wild Symbol.

Multiplier Feature

In addition, the Multiplier function is accessible in all game types. It will be a rate multiplied by additional earnings whenever the free fall mechanism is successful. The first combo will get a reward multiplier of 1x, which will increase by 1x for each subsequent combo.

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Free Spins Bonus Feature

When three or more scatter symbols fall on the grid, the Bonus Free Spins bonus is activated. It’s merely that the payout rate of symbols will increase. as well as boost the likelihood of winning additional games.

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Consequently: Review of the Wild Bandito Slot Game PNG SLOT

If you enjoy the ambience of gunfights or a western town during the cowboy era, this game is for you. Review of the slot machine game Wild Bandito should be a game that fits your preferences quite well. Featuring symbols that depict the tale of the Skull Gunner’s cowboy period and instrument symbols that correspond to the sound effects. This is what will transport you to the world of duels. That will very certainly get you the top bonus award of over 25,000 times. Wild Bandito may be played for free or for real money. Apply for PG SLOT membership at any time via the website or LINE@.

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