Story of Jennifer Harman’s Life

Jennifer Harman is an exceptionally skilled poker player.

presently holds a prominent position on Team Full Tilt. In the year 2002, she

She is the first woman to win two World Series of Poker titles.

Throughout her tenure, she has won numerous bracelets and over $2.5

million just from live tournaments.

She is arguably even more well-known for her role in

Cash diversions with large stakes at the Bellagio Hotel. On account of her

Due to her many achievements, many people consider her to be among the finest.

world’s female poker champions.

An Early Passion for the Game

Jennifer Harman was born in Reno on November 29, 1964.

State of Nevada. Harman was first exposed to poker when she would play with friends.

accompanied her father to his weekly poker sessions. His mother

After she implored him to teach her how to play, he eventually did so.

durations of time. She had a natural talent for the game, and it wasn’t long before she became successful.

before he was seeking her counsel.

When Harman was seventeen, her mother passed away.

Kidney disease. Harman and her mother had an intimate relationship, so

At the time, this was emotionally overwhelming for her. She employed

She played blackjack to keep her mind off the death of her mother.

quickly becoming dependent on the game. She played with a phony identification card.

at the local casinos, but somehow eluded capture.

She attended the University of Nevada after graduating from high school.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. whereas in

She worked part-time as a cocktail server while attending college.

She was playing blackjack instead of working. Nevertheless, she achieved

After performing exceptionally well in school, she resolved to pursue a vocation as a

professional poker player as opposed to working a typical 9-to-5 employment.

Conflicted by her decision, her father had no contact with her.

for many years.

Achievements in Poker

It occurred at the WSOP No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball event in 2000.

where Harman’s career gained flight. Interestingly, this was the case

This was the first time she ever played that particular variation of poker.

However, she was given a five-minute rundown prior to the game.

Howard Lederer, a poker legend, taught me how to play. Despite her absence

She achieved first place in the tournament due to her extensive prior knowledge.

her first gold bracelet at WSOP.

Harman claimed her second bracelet in the $5,000 Limit Texas Tournament in 2002.

hold ’em competition, becoming the first woman to possess two bracelets.

in open WSOP events. During the same year, she was also a

group of poker professionals, referred to as “The Corporation,”

Andy Beal was brought down by a joint effort. Harman had been

responsible for gaining more than $9 million from him.

In 2004, Harman experienced recurrent kidney concerns.

deteriorated rapidly, so she had to undergo a second kidney transplant.

a transplant is performed. She determined that it was best to wait an entire year.

She took time off from wagering so she could recover. The Harman

took the time to write Doyle’s Limit Hold’em chapter.

The book Super System II by Brunson.

Her victory was her greatest accomplishment since her return.

HORSE placed second in the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe.

the event. She also participated in the World Poker Tour.

Aruba Poker Classic and Bay 101 Shooting Star of the 2008 WPT

event, finishing third in both.

Today, she elects to participate in the biggest cash competition.

$4000/$8000 Texas Hold’em is available at the Bellagio Hotel.

She plays poker against the most accomplished competitors.

include Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson.

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